Sunday, 4 April 2010


Well, i never thought i'd say this- but i feel right at home in Kathmandu. Coming back after 6 months was great- the same mad city of blurry neon lights, mopeds and hoards of people bustling through the streets.

Kenton was there to greet me at the airport, and we shot off in one of those tiny taxis to the summit hotel, where the team is staying until tomorrow (Tuesday 6th).

The team- well, what can i say. Couldn't be more happy. Some very interesting characters from all different backgrounds- i don't think we'll ever be short of a story whilst huddled around the gas stoves in the high camps!

The most important thing is that there is mutual respect for all, i was worried they may be a few egos- but in all honesty i cant find fault with a single person on the team- this will be an asset on the hill so it is really important we keep on bonding whilst things are easy. But i for one, feel lucky to be with such a great bunch of people.

Unfortunately though, two of our team have been up in the night after a dodgey lasagne- which i also ate for supper last night. Thankfully mine was quite obviously frozen in the middle so i knew not to touch it- think the boys were less lucky. Still, i went to bed hungry and dug out the haribo i'd saved for summit day and munched through 4 mini packs of it whilst writing my journal- not the best diet for an everest expedition!

We are about to head out into Tamil, an area of Kathmandu were tourists generally overwhelm, and buy some last minute bits- toilet paper, snacks, lighters. Kathmandu is a crazy place with some beautiful weather- i'm sad we only have a day here, but knowing what's ahead eases the nostalgia i feel for this place already

thanks for checking in- much appreciated. The final flag auction is now up on ebay:

please be spontaneous and get involved- bids are very modest, its great that the british public have this opportunity which is traditionally saved for corporate sponsors. All proceeds go to global angels- so the more lively the bidding, the more money we can raise for children at the white lodge centre in Chertsey, and the CVI village in Uganda- check earlier blogs for more info on these Global Angels projects.

I cannot wait to bring news about our journey through the Himalayas- please keep checking in as i head to to the top of the world. B x

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