Monday, 29 March 2010

The adventure begins!

Sunday 28th March

So a week to go until the adventure begins- its amazing how quickly times goes. I remember meeting Kenton for the first time at Paddington station in London in 2008- he told me that 18 months would fly by- he really was right, that coffee still seems like yesterday.

I am sitting here right now amongst an expeditions worth of kit watching my kittens jump over boxes and climb inside my kit bags- they have become obsessed with their new playground and i keep finding bubbles in my crampons box- thankfully the crampons have been hidden safetly away!

So kit is all sorted- a special thanks to Osprey for supplying packs, physi-cool for supplying cooling bandages, sundog for some polarised sunglasses and powerbalance for one of their performance wrist bands. They haven't asked me to say thanks- but i really do appreciate everyone's willingness to help out- thank you.

Alfie in turn, has taken to dressing up in my goggles, weilding my ice axe and getting into my -40*c sleeping bag whenever i'm not looking. it seems that life in the Norris/Andrews household has become gripped with Everest fever- actually, they probably just cant wait until i'm gone and life can return to normal.

Training is essentially finished, though it never really does- il run today, climb tomorrow and see my trainer for one last time. The aim is to relax a little and enjoy the outdoors before i go- and drink slim fast to put on weight... my trainer, Jacqui's, reccommendation! Not sure what slim fast would say about that though!


Thursday 30th March

This week has been different to what i expected- people keep asking: are you excited, nervous?! the answer is- i am so beyond excitement and nerves, the build up for this trip has been nearly 18 months long, i simply feel like its time to go and do what i set out to, no big fanfare of emotion- just simply the final step in this incredible jounrney. I think focussed is the answer.

My room now looks much tidier than a few days ago as everything is packed away, all kit has been tested and i'm about to head off to a farewell party for my dad's family. I don't feel a justified reason for so much effort on so many peoples behalfs- to come and see me, to write cards- everyone has been overwhelmingly supportive- but i'd prefer it if the celebrations were kept until my return..


I've been giving a few talks recently, one here at my university: Royal Holloway, University of London. They were kind enough to sponsor me through their annual fund budget, and so i gave a talk at an alumni event to thank the donors that made that sponsorship possible:


So, in case i dont get another opportunity to write a blog before i set off for heathrow on Saturday- thanks to every person who's read this over the past year. Please get bidding on the next flag auction on ebay, which starts on Sunday! And keep topping up your phones at cash machines- remember: drops make an ocean, and together we can make a difference.

Lastly, i'll sign off with a quote- something i've always referred back to throughout this time, and that i will be reminding myself of whilst up above the clouds on Everest:

'Don't worry about genius and don't worry about not being clever. Trust rather to work hard... have perserverance and determination... You hold your future in your own hands... Be honest. Be loyal. Be kind.'- Sir Frederick Treves, 1903

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