Friday, 12 February 2010

SUPER SUPER NEWS with Mobile Phone top-up at ATM

I really have dreamt about the moment that i would get to write 'this' blog post- now i can't believe i'm actually doing it...

Yes ladies and gentlemen- after 18 months of cold calling, lettering, emailing and pitching, and with only 7 weeks to go before the team sets off, i have FINALLY found a sponsor!

As you can imagine- recieving the phone call to tell me the good news was slightly surreal- such a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders, but to be honest- it really hasn't sunk in yet.

The first person i called after was my Dad- being able to say to him 'Dad, you don't have to put in anything- not a single penny' was truly an emotional moment, he's never stopped believing in me and was willing to support me all the way. Now i just can't wait to call him from Everest- hopefully on the summit- just don't forget the sat phone!

I am being sponsored by mobile phone top-up at ATM. Basically, everytime you go to a cash machine- pretty much anywhere in the country (there are over 50,000 ATM top-up points) you can buy credit for your mobile phone- it's the easiest, fastest and most convenient way of doing it and saves having to find and que in a shop!

The guys behind this campaign have come up with a great idea to celebrate the partnership with my expedition- EVERY TIME you, the British public, buy phone credit at an ATM from March to April- 5p from every top-up will go to my charity Global Angels, so PLEASE- get down to an ATM and support Global Angels! Tell your mates too!

One of the most important aspects of going away on a long and dangerous expedition is keeping in touch with loved ones back home- with ATM top-up even your mum, dad and mates can top-up your phone, so even if you're on the otherside of the world with no top-up points, your phone can still be credited and you can still be contacted- essential travel know-how.

I am incredibly lucky to be supported by such a fantastic campaign and team of people- now the focus is on staying fit and healthy and getting out to the hills as much as possible. Snowdonia next week if anyone wants to join?


With about 6 weeks to go until departure from heathrow, training is becoming more intense. I am being wary though of not 'over doing it', as after missing the Mont Blanc Marathon last year from training too hard, i know how stupid it feels when so much is riding on being injury free.

I am currently recieving light physio from the GB American football team's physiotherapist. Ellen is making sure that scar tissue in my adductor muscles is healing properly from an injury i had a while back, and we're also doing lots of rehab to ensure that those muscles are strenghtened and ready to take on the Big E.

Other than that it's business as usual with running in the woods, cycling, working with my personal trainer jacqui, and using the new pull up bar my brother has persuaded mum to let us have up at home!

Climbing indoors has become an absolute obession- here are some pics from a recent bouldering session and also some unearthed pics from Manaslu of me heading to the summit and climbing up to camp 3:

Summit day: I'm the one turning to look at the camera...

Finally- thanks for all your comments on my recent '5 seconds of fame' interview on capital FM with Johnny Vaugn and Lisa Snowdon. I never heard the play-backs but apprently they played the interview for a couple of days after which is great!

Johnny jokingly asked me to call him from the summit- do you reckon i should suprise him?



As you may know from reading this blog, on the 22nd Feb i am heading out to a Global Angels project in Uganda for victims of war. There are 32 girls, many with young children, who need basic items such as underwear. I am collecting underwear over the next week (clean please!). If you can get even a tesco bag together it will make a huge difference. Please get in touch at:

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