Monday, 12 April 2010

what a day!

in the words of ant and loz rojas: what a daaay

14 mile round trip upto a big hill somewhere has left me, rick, mic and lewis exhausted. We climbed to an altitude of 5,365m, the boys then decided to head up a rather ghastly looking ridge, and i went up a nice gentle slope to another summit! At its highest, i reached 5,404m- which is higher than everest base camp- fantastic for morale and for acclimatisation.

Now back in Dingboche my hands have swollen up with oedema and we all have headaches from ascending so fast. The views from the saddle summit were incredible- ama dablam, makalu and island peak to name but a few. We sat on this ridge for ages basking in the sun and letting our bodies adapt to the altitude- an incredible day that i will never forget.

as we've spent an extra 'rest day' here, we're delayed into BC by one day, so two more days time- i hope.

love reading all your emails and messages, please keep them coming they make such a difference!

over and out until basecamp,

Bonita x


  1. Sounds amazing - keep it up!

  2. Following you all the way. This is amazing. Keep blogging.

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