Wednesday, 7 April 2010

namche bazar

Hi all, checking in from a pretty large town in the Khumbu called Namche- its a little wierd having internet cafes and sky up in the Himalayas- but hey ho, i am lucky i have trekked into Manaslu and seen what rural Nepal is more liken to.

The scenery itself is beautiful- mind blowing, its a shame as after a while you get used to such incredible views of the big peaks in the distance, but seeing Everest for the first tme today was something special- its huge, black and looks a million miles away. We aim to be on the top in the next 6/7 weeks.

Been trekking for two days now- and we're currently at an altitude of 3,460m. Already seen a guy been taken down on a donkey suffering from altitiude sickness- ascend too fast here and it could be a death sentence.

The group has been fab, everyone has so many stories, we tend to get into the tea houses quite early, and with no distractions in last nights tea house- like tv or music, we spent hours chatting, writing journals, playing board games and eating! Bed at 8, slept like a baby.

Tomorrow is a rest day, this is themost important part of our acclimatisation- up to 5000m, so physiologically our bodies are going through huge changes right now to produce more red blood cells to compensate for the lack of oxygen.

I am feeling fine and my resting heart rate is still the same as sea level, exerting oneself suddenly has more of an effect, but generally we have no complaints, no illnesses and no injuries- touch wood!

After tomorrow we will head up higher- i think to dengboche (not sure!!), i am really itching to get to BC but its also nice to relax before the pressure of living and climbing in such a dangerous place begins.

So far, Manaslu is a far more beautiful and back to basics trek- and i would recommend it, but i speak so soon- the next week i am sure, will be full of more wonders and sights which we are very lucky to witness.

Love to all the family, Tom and friends. Keep bidding on this flag- it would be great to get some donations to Global Angels whilst i am away.

Touch base in a few days

Bonita x

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