Friday, 30 April 2010

Just a quick update- the top-up Everest campaign at ATM’s has raised £10,000 for Global Angels!

This is fantastic, the amount will be split between the two projects I am supporting through Global Angels- White Lodge centre in Chertsey, and the Child Voice International village in Uganda.

Thank you to everyone who topped up at a cash machine over March and April, as every time you did so, 5p went to Global Angels. Such an easy way to raise loads of money for charity!

Please continue to support this expedition by topping up your pay as you go phone at ATM’s across the country- and tell your friends to do so too!


I have also just finished writing the messages onto the Ebay flags this morning at base camp- not bad for 17,500ft!

It has been a great morning- the sun has been shining and BC is pretty quite as people rest ready for their summit bids. We are still waiting to hear on our weather window- so writing out the flags was a welcome respite from the endless waiting.


Finally, a picture of what my feet looked like after zipping down off the Lhotse face with Kenton. Hard core, I know.

The top up Everest expedition now simply waits with baited breath for the summit- with beautiful weather like this, we might not be waiting too long… fingers crossed.

Over and out. Bonita x


  1. Hi Bonita, after seeing you on a news programme and wanting to support your chosen charity, I bid & won one of the flags you'll be carrying with you. I've dedicated mine to my parents and was so excited to see their names being written by you in the latest photos on your website. Good luck to you all. Stay safe. Best wishes Denise

  2. Hi Bonny, still topping via the ATMs for your charity and spreading the word at work. Take care sweetheart, and come back safe. Phil, Susan, Chris, Lizzy & Richard.

  3. Greetings and love from ChildVoice Uganda! Safe summiting! We look forward to hearing all about your adventures!