Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Red Bull Cliff Diving Series: Corsica

Straight back from over 2 months in the Himalayas, i have started working on the red bull cliff diving world series 2012 as a tv presenter for the show which will air on Dave in October. It's a very wierd lifestyle i seem to lead of one month living in a tent and smelling very bad, the next i am on a beautifl island off the south of france watching men in speedos jump from great heights! Anyway, make sure to watch the series when it airs this autumn... for now- here are a few pics from the first event in corsica, where 9 times world champion Orlando Duque took the winners spot on the podium after beating Michal Navratil and Steve Lobou to the top spot. For loads of awesome videos and photos of the competition, google red bull cliff diving the two very professional looking photos on here are copyright of red bull Bx

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